15th Masonic Districts
Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Massachusetts

The 15'th North and South Districts were formally just one district. With increased responsibility for District Deputy Grand Masters it was too much work for one ddgm and we split into two districts. However we continue to share Lodge of Instruction, a Past Masters Association, and District Activities Committee. The result is in many ways we remain a single district blessed with two DDGM suites.

If you are just visiting and interested in the fraternity, it is suggested that you use the 'About Us -->District Lodges' menu to find one of our district lodges that meets on a night compatible to your schedule and travel desires. Moreover by visiting our varous lodge websites you will find additional information regarding our fraternity and characteristics of each lodge.

The District Activities Committee meets on the first Saturday of the month at Framingham. Significant events coordinated by this committee include:

Annual Charity Events (Golf Tournament)
        Funds raised and donated from several events exceed $70,000)

End of summer district family picnic
District Table Lodge


Brethren of the 15North and 15South District:
There is a semi-private section of this website available to you that requires a login to this site using a generic (not assigned to ddgms, district sectaries, etc) id. If you do not know the credentials, please request it from your Lodge Secretary, Master, or Wardens. Login will give you access to your DDGM home page, district monthly notices, and other information you may find useful.